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Testimonials From Learners and ADI’s


Testimonials From ADI’s who trained with me.

Mark Budd ADI Mark Budd (Glasgow) – “I spent several months training as a driving instructor with Jim and it was the best decision I could have made. Jim’s techniques bring out the best in you, focussing your mind on the (sometimes obscure) possibilities a learner might present you with and preparing you with all the tools you need not only to pass the test but to go on and become a successful and thorough driving instructor. It was difficult at times admittedly but having completed the course, I can fully appreciate that Jim’s method is probably the best available. I passed my part 3 test first time with a grade 5/5 of which I am very proud and for which Jim can claim a big slice of the credit!”


Andy Johnstone (Glasgow) – “I would like to thank Jim Thompson for all his help in getting me through my ADI instructor training; I went to Passmasters for my training course & was given Jim as my instructor & from the beginning the instruction was first class Jim always did his best to explain everything clearly & easy for me to understand any time I was struggling to grasp any part of my training he took time to try & sort it out by either by demonstrating what I needed to do & showing me what I was doing wrong or just by simplifying his instruction to me I always found Jim to be very professional & not to cut corners he made my training enjoyable & fun to be doing (including having me in stitches during the role play with some of the things he does/says) all in all I found it to be a very good experience Jim was always there for me if I needed help or advice & gave me confidence when it came to sitting my tests.

I’m now a fully qualified grade 5 driving instructor & am very happy in my chosen career so thanks again Jim I couldn’t have done it without you”


Alan Gebbie (Edinburgh) – “I received ADI Part 3 training from Jim Thompson and was extremely pleased with the straightforward practical methods he used in teaching.  Valuable classroom hours before any in car training gave me a clear concise understanding of what was required of me to be successful in my Part 3 test.  The in car training was fantastic, Jim adapted lessons to help me achieve my objective and made what could have been an extremely stressful time fun.  I would recommend Jim as a Part 3 trainer to anyone without reservation.”


Brian Sharkey (West Lothian) – “I trained with Passmasters to become an Approved Driving Instructor.  My trainer was Jim Thompson.  Jim took all parts of the course, both classroom and in-car training. Jim is very professional in his approach and also very knowledgeable. He has the ability to explain and demonstrate fully what is required, yet still make each lesson enjoyable. I would not hesitate in recommending Jim as an ORDIT trainer to anyone wishing to become a Driving Instructor and I know who I will be approaching if I require any further training for my check tests.”


Martin Ferguson (Cambuslang) – “I signed up to train for ADI registration with passmasters and was introduced to Jim Thomson who was my trainer for all 3 parts the training I received was first class. Jim was always available for training sessions and the lessons are very intense but are the ideal preparation for the tests you are about to undertake. Jim always makes the training fun and even though the tests are very hard and high pressure with his style of training you are really relaxed and in an ideal learning environment. After I took 40hrs of training for part3 I decided to take out a trainee pink badge and the person I started with sent me to another trainer to complete my part 3 training, it took Jim a long time to sort out the mess they had made of my skills. My story shows how you need to find a top class trainer as there are a lot of ADI’s out there set up as trainers but my experience shows not all can “do the job” Jim most certainly can and I would have no hesitation in recommending any one to Jim Thomson he is 1st class and even now I can always phone him for advice and support.
Thanks for everything Jim I couldn’t have done it without you.”


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