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Theory Test

The Theory Test


An essential part of learning to Drive is understanding the theory of driving and to prove that you do you must pass the theory test. You will not be able to take a practical driving test unless this step is completed as you need a theory test pass number in your name in order to book a practical test. This pass certificate is only valid for two years so you must pass your practical test within this time or you will need to do the Theory again.

Theory Test InformationIf you are looking to upgrade from an existing full automatic car license to a manual one then the theory test is not required. To upgrade to another a driving category it will be necessary to take the test for the relevant category.

The Test – It is made up of two parts which are the multiple choice question section and hazard perception clips. Both parts are done at the same time the questions first and you must pass both sections in order to receive a pass certificate. Unfortunately if you fail one section you must retake both sections again at a later date.

Multiple-choice part – You are given a time limit of 57minutes in which to complete 50 questions and are required to attain a score of 43 in order to pass this section. You have an option at the start to try a short practice session mainly to understand the screen layout. The questions will appear and with them a choice of answers and you simply pick the correct one. The amount of answers to pick from can vary depending on the question. Some questions may be in a story or case study format where you are given a short story or real life experience and five questions are based around this. You may flag questions you are uncertain off and return to them later after doing all the ones you are sure off.

Hazard Perception part – To do this you need to understand what is meant by a developing hazard. This is when something appears ahead of you which could or would cause you to have to change speed or direction. You will be shown 14 short clips from a drivers viewpoint and have to click on the developing hazard in order to score points. The sooner that you can identify the hazard the more points you score with 5points up for grabs for the developing hazards with this decreasing the longer it takes you. 13 clips will have one countable hazard and 1 will contain 2 but you won’t know which one. This gives a total of 75points you must achieve 43 or more in order to pass this section.

Identification – If you do produce both parts of your license on arrival you will not be allowed to sit the test and will lose your paid fee.

Booking – Do this once you feel confident to pass here are the booking page links. Cost £31

Book – Book Your Theory Test

Change – Change Your Theory Booking

Cancel – Cancel your Theory Booking

Study Materials

You will require access to a computer as the Hazard Perception can only be practiced in this way either from a CD-Rom or online.

If you start taking lessons with us I will get you free access to Theory Test Pro a paid online site which offers theory training for both parts of the test.

Highway Code – Free to read online here The Highway Code

Know Your Traffic Signs – Download Free PDF version from this site by right clicking and selecting save here Know Your Traffic Signs

Best Books – Official DSA Theory Test, Driving the Essential Skills

Best C-Rom – Driving Test Success All Tests by Focus

You do not need all of these I recommend the two free downloads above along with Driving Test Success All Tests by Focus as a must and either Driving the Essential Skills or The Official DSA Theory Test For Car Drivers.

Best prices are normally at Amazon you can use the box below to go directly to the product on the Amazon website

You are now ready to tackle the Theory Test


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