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Driving TestBooking your test – The practical driving test is not easy so do not book one until your instructor has asked you to or you have discussed it with your instructor and he/she has agreed. When booking contact your instructor to ensure that the time and date are suitable as other people may have tests already booked. Have your licence and theory test certificate handy as you will need these when booking. Current cost is £62

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Glasgow Centres

SheildHall – Bogmoor Road G514TH Close to Braehead shopping centre

Anniesland – 351 Anniesland Road G131XS

Springburn – 14A Balornock Rd, Springburn Park, G213UH

Baillieston – 341 Springhill Parkway Business Park, G696GA

Paisley Centre

St James Business Centre, Linwood Rd, PA33AT

About the Driving Test

Normally you take an hour lesson beforehand this gives time to practice and go over the show me tell me questions and arrive at the centre in good time. You will park in a designated area pointed out by your instructor. Take a seat in the waiting room and at the allocated time an examiner will enter and say your name. They will ask you to produce both parts of your licence if you do not have both the test will not proceed and you shall forfeit the fee. You will be given a clipboard and asked to read and sign a declaration which is about the car being insured which it will be.

You will then walk outside and do an eyesight test on a normal sized plate from a distance of approx 20metres. Fail this and you fail your test so if the sun is in your eyes making it hard tell them and ask to read another plate. Next you go over to the car and you will be asked two questions from the show me tell me on car maintenance. These can be found to read or download from the appropriate page found in the top menu tabs or use this Show Me Tell Me.  These are only worth one minor point so don’t worry if your mind suddenly blank about them. These will be covered in detail with you by your instructor.

Driving TestYou will now be ready to do the driving part of the test which normally lasts 35 to 40 minutes depending on traffic. You follow the road ahead unless instructed otherwise. You shall be asked on a few occasions to pull over on the left this is to check that you both park and move off correctly. At some point during the test you be asked to perform one of four reversing exercises which you will have covered during your lessons and be proficient at by this time.

Turn in the Road – Turning the car around using forward and reverse gears to face the opposite way

Left Reverse – Reversing around a left side corner from a main to minor road

Parallel Parking – Drawing up beside a parked car and reversing into a space behind it

Bay Parking – Reversing into a bay which is only done at Sheildhall and Baillieston as they are the only centres with their own car parks. This is never done in a public or shared car park.

The independent driving section is easy and to be worried about as during your lessons this will be done many times. Instead of telling you where to go at every junction for about 10minutes you will follow road signs or a route shown to you by the examiner. You won’t fail for going the wrong way only if you commit a driving fault while doing so.

Once back and parked at the test centre you will get the result and in order to pass you must not have exceeded 15 minor faults or received any dangerous or serious faults

For information about lessons go here driving lessons Glasgow Paisley.

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