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ADI Part 3 Test Information

ADI Part 3This test is designed to check your ability to give instruction to a learner driver. It shall be conducted by a DSA examiner in your own vehicle from a normal testing centre. The duration of this exam is one hour but allow more for the results debrief at the end. The exam comprises of two parts each being  30 minutes in length. At the outset of both periods the supervisor will you give his /her title, stage and the lesson to teach. They will then role play the person that was just described while you deliver the appropriate instruction. You will be assessed on your capacity to see faults and on the method used to fix the mistakes. The thing that most trainees will find difficult is to treat the tester as a novice driver even when he is acting. As in your mind he is still an experienced driver but you must not allow this to happen. When you are training or being examined you must regard the individual in control as a learner driver.

There are ten pre set scripts that you must learn completely as it will be one of these that the examiner will choose to use on the test. Your capacity to communicate instructions in a clear and simple manner is very vital. Also giving the correct level of instruction is extremely significant as in each period of the test the portrayed pupil will be at a differing stage of experience. The 1st stage of testing will be a beginner learning something new to them and in the 2nd phase it will be an advanced learner who has problems within a specific area and you must find and rectify these errors in the appropriate manner. The  route is determined by the examiner who will relay directional instructions to you in adequate time and you then pass them back to him in the correct style. This keeps things simpler for you as planning a route will not be necessary for the test. This will commence at terminate at the test centre with the duration being approximately 1 hour from start to ending.

On arrival at the test place at the conclusion of this test you will be asked to hang about for a short period while notes are made up regarding the final result. When this is concluded you will have a debrief in which you will receive your score and get a comprehensive breakdown on each stage of the test. Make sure that you listen intently as the feedback is critically crucial to you in repairing any weaknesses that may be discovered in your techniques during the course of the test. This information is invaluable should you fail as it will let you know the parts of your knowledge that need to be brushed up on. Your trainer will then assist you to rectify any problems that were highlighted during the period of the test although in many cases you will already have realised your  mistakes as many are due to nerves on a 1st attempt.

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