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About the ADI Part 2 Test

ADI Part 2 TestFor you to be allowed to teach a person to drive you will be required to show that you can drive to a suitable standard. This is achieved by sitting a test of driving ability and technique with a Driving Standards Agency examiner. You must display that you have the capability to drive at a standard above which you would be required to teach. In simple terms you cannot expect to teach something that you are not completely capable of doing to a high standard yourself.  Now previous to being allowed to sit this test you must have done the part 1 which is the theory test of your knowledge of road regulations.

This is the second stage in the road to becoming a driving instructor in the United Kingdom and you are permitted only three tries at passing this test.  If you fail it on 3 occasions then you must wait until your part one passed certificate expires and then start the process again from the part 1 theory test. Basically the part 1 is only valid for 2 years from the day that it is passed.  Therefore at this point both parts 2 and 3 must be completed within the permitted range of two years which is the validity period for the theory test.

This part shall be taken in a vehicle which is presented by you and will be needed to reach certain criteria. It is essential to be legally protected with insurance and the appropriate Ministry of Transport safety certificate and car tax. The car can’t be a convertible style and needs both manual drive and parking brake capabilities to enable scrutiny of your coordination abilities. You must obtain an extra interior mirror which will be utilized by the examiner for the duration of this experience. The showing of L plates is not necessary during this process as you are not a learner.

The initial part is to confirm your identity using photographic evidence of who you are this can only be done by producing both pieces of the new style driving license. The old one piece paper version will not be accepted. You are then asked to perform a vision test by reading a standard car plate from a distance of 27.5 metres. It is crucial to complete each of these stages to allow the rest of the test to proceed. Next just before starting the driving part 5 questions on general vehicle maintenance will be asked and they are currently available to view on the DSA website.  Each of these are valued as 1minor point and a limit of six is allowed in total for this test. Every error will be marked as minor, serious or dangerous with no serious or dangerous faults permitted to happen if they do occur this will result in a failed test.

The test will be approximately 1 hour and the supervisor will be looking for expert use of all the car controls. You must drive in a confident way and make good progress throughout the duration of the test on many types of roads.

The training for this if you listen carefully and put in the necessary practice can be kept as low as 4 hours but this depends on you changing your driving habits.

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