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ADI Part 1

ADI Part 1 Information

An extremely important stage of becoming a Driving instructor is to ensure that you understand in depth the Theory aspect of driving and instruction. This test is designed to make sure that you do have this knowledge. Part 2 tests can’t be booked until this stage is passed as you shall require the pass number in order to book a part 2 test. Once passed it is valid only for two years so you must complete the part 2 and 3 tests within that time or go back to the start doing the theory again.

ADI Driving Instructor Training Part 1The Test – This is comprised of two parts firstly you get the multiple choice question section and secondly the hazard perception clips. These two sections will be completed in the one sitting leaving the test room at any time terminates the test. To pass you require to achieve the minimum required score in each section but if you fail any one section the whole test has to be reapplied for and done again.  You must pass both sections in order to receive a pass certificate. Unfortunately if you fail one section you must retake both sections again at a later date. There is no limit as to how many times you can take the test and it is only available in English or Welsh.

Multiple-choice part – You will be asked 100 questions in total with 25 taken from each of these categories:

road procedure

traffic signs and signals, car control, pedestrians and mechanical knowledge

driving test, disabilities, and the law

publications and instructional techniques

You will have a maximum time of 90 minutes in order to complete the 100 questions and must score 85 or more to pass. Scoring less than 20 out of 25 in any one category will result in a fail. You will get an option at the beginning to use a practice session in order to understand the way the screen layout works. The questions will show one at a time along with a choice of answers you just read through them and choose the correct one. The number of answers to choose from may alter depending on the question. A few questions could appear in a story or case study format where you get presented with a short story or real life experience and five questions are based around this. You may flag questions you are uncertain off and return to them later after doing all the ones you are sure off.

Hazard Perception part – To do this you need to understand what is meant by a developing hazard. This is when something appears ahead of you which could or would cause you to have to change speed or direction. You will be shown 14 short clips from a drivers viewpoint and have to click on the developing hazard in order to score points. The sooner that you can identify the hazard the more points you score with 5points up for grabs for the developing hazards with this decreasing the longer it takes you. 13 clips will have one countable hazard and 1 will contain 2 but you won’t know which one. This gives a total of 75points you must achieve 57 or more in order to pass this section.

 Booking Your ADI Theory Test

Identification – You need the two parts of the Licence the photocard and the paper counterpart. For old-style paper licence’s you will also need to bring a valid passport (no other Identification is acceptable). If you do produce both parts of your license on arrival you will not be allowed to sit the test and will lose your paid fee.

Booking – You will require the following to book this test.  Cost £81

  • your driving licence number
  • your personal reference number from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA)
  • an email address for your booking confirmation to be sent to – if you don’t have an email address you can’t book online

Only once you are passing mock tests ok should you book here are the correct direct booking page links.

Book – Book your ADI Theory Test

Check/Change/Cancel – Your Booked ADI Theory Test

Study Material

You will require to get 1 book direct from the DSA plus three others and a CD-ROM from elsewhere.

You will want to phone the DSA on 0300 123 1126 Monday to Friday between 8am to 6pm and order ‘The approved driving instructor (ADI) theory test question bank’ for £6 this is the only source for this book.

Also you will need “The Highway Code” “Know Your Traffic Signs” and “Driving – the essential skills” books. Many Cd-ROM exist by I highly advise getting the one from Focus Multimedia shown below. The Highway code can be read online for free and Know Your Traffic Signs can be downloaded for free and Amazon is usually the cheapest to buy them all. Below are links for all these and if you click on a product in the Amazon box it will take you directly to that product on Amazon’s website.

Read Online – The Highway Code

Right Click and Save to download – Know Your Traffic Signs

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