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ADI Driving Instructor Training Courses

ADI Driving Instructor Training Courses

Hello I am Jim Thompson and if you are looking for ADI instructor training you have come to the right place please look around and call me for a chat. I cover the central areas of Scotland and my business which is called JT DriverTraining is based in Glasgow/Paisley and consists of driving instructor training, fleet trainer training, fleet risk assessment and a learner driving school.

ADI Training Courses Pricing

 £30 per hour Pay as you Go – Weekdays 7am to 5pm Only

Here is a cost breakdown

Test Fees
ADI part one – theory test – £81.00
ADI part two – driving ability – £111.00
ADI part three – instructional ability – £111.00
Total for 1st time time passes  £303

ADI Training Course Estimate
Part 1  This part can be done without any help as its all study
Part 2  5hrs      £150
Part 3 40hrs      £1200
Total  £1350

Theory Study pack £30

Comes to a total of £1683 based on passing all tests first time and within the training hours used. This is not what it will cost it is what it could cost you may need more or less training.

Call Jim on 07743584257 or E-Mail jim@jt-drivertraining.co.uk

Train to be a Driving Instructor

I take on people at any level including

* Complete start to finish driving instructor courses parts 1, 2 and 3

*Remedial adi part 2 or adi part 3 training if already undertaken training elsewhere

*Instructor trainer courses (Ordit) for qualified ADI’s  – Currently DVSA is considering doing away with the ORDIT register so I would wait to see what happens rather than going down this route at present

*Check test training

 On this site I supply you with all the relevant information required about the qualifying process, tests, training and costs involved to achieve your goal which is to gain this sought after badge. Without this DSA issued badge you cannot legally teach anyone to Drive for any form of reward not just money. Shown is copy of my badge.

Jim always did his best to explain everything clearly & easy for me to understand any time I was struggling to grasp any part of my training he took time to try & sort it out by either by demonstrating what I needed to do & showing me what I was doing wrong or just by simplifying ….

ADI PARTS 1, 2 and 3

To achieve this – You will have to satisfy the DSA on Three levels that you hold the necessary knowledge and ability to carry out this job and this is done by means of Three separate tests which are carried out by the DSA examiners. Here is a quick breakdown of these tests with more information found within this site at the highlighted pages.

1 – A Theory test of your knowledge for which more information on both the test and training for it can be found here – ADI Part 1 Test

2 – A Driving test to check your standard of driving as you cannot expect to teach anything that you are not capable of doing yourself. This is not the same type of test as a learner takes it is more advanced. More information on both the test and training for it can be found here – ADI Part 2 Test

3 – Teaching Test – The crucial part where your ability to teach people is assessed with a role playing test with a DSA examiner portraying a learner driver. You must be able to communicate all instructions correctly. Identify any faults which are made and fix them in the correct manner. More information on both the test and training for it can be found here – ADI Part3 Test

My story shows how you need to find a top class trainer as there are a lot of ADI’s out there set up as trainers but my experience shows not all can “do the job” Jim most certainly can and I would have no hesitation in recommending any one to Jim Thompson…..read more

The Driving Instructor Trainer

The crucial element to success – THE TRAINER – Unfortunately many driving instructors believe that because they have qualified they understand this process enough to be able to train other potential instructors and this sadly applies in most cases. The techniques of training used are completely different and the level of knowledge and understanding of the tests needs to be far greater than that required to pass them.

ADI Driving Instructor Training Courses

The DSA have in place a system called ORDIT to test potential trainers and put them on the ORDIT register if they meet the required minimum standard but this is voluntary not law so beware anyone can be advertising themselves as an instructor trainer and many do including large organizations who advertise ORDIT but may have 20 trainers and only one is ORDIT qualified.

My Training – Twelve years ago I undertook special training and until recently worked with Passmasters as their head trainer in Scotland both training their Driving instructors and training instructor trainers up to reach ORDIT standard. For the last six years I have specialized in instructor training continually improving my training system and still continuing to doing so to provide the training available. I now offer training under my own company JT Training on a pay as you go system where you take only the amount of training that you personally require rather than paying a lump sum like most companies. These lump sum deals always have a training limit and if you get a poor instructor you are already committed financially.

ADI Driving Instructor Training Pricing

£30 per hour Pay as you Go

Call Jim on 07743584257 or E-Mail jim@jt-drivertraining.co.uk

The in car training was fantastic, Jim adapted lessons to help me achieve my objective and made what could have been an extremely stressful time fun. I would recommend Jim as a Part 3 trainer to anyone without reservation …..

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